Hi, my name is Ainslee but most people call me Ains.

Truth is, I find full names to be super formal and only really get it from my parents (when they aren’t impressed). So lets skip the formalities – Feel free to call me Ains.

I bought my first camera at the age of 12, solely to take selfies with my friends (long before ‘Selfies’ were a thing). Fast forward to now, I get to meet new people every week, watch their families grow and be apart of some of the most amazing moments in their lives and I bloody love it!

Fun facts:

– My partner is Wilson (no, not the ball)

– I pretty much live in overalls

– Beyonce is my idol

– My diet consists of 2 minute noodles and late night maccas runs

– I have skydived although I’m totally petrified of heights

– I love a good spring clean

– Spending time with my family is super important to me

– I have soft spot for oldies

Enough about me, lets hear about you! Head on over and say hey!