When I first met Nicola & Nelson i knew we would create some beautiful memories and have such a fun day!
Their love story is one of a kind. Meeting each other through their church, they quickly fell in love. Fast forward 10 months – Knowing Nicola was an massive Kmart fanatic, Nelson planned something truly different for his proposal. He took to Kmart Head Office to see if he could make his idea come to life. Only to be met by Mandy (a humble Kmart worker) who was more than happy helping him pull it off.

With the help of some amazing vendors we we were able to create some truly amazing images.

Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist – Chantel Elliott Makeup Artistry

Styling – Be Designed Events
Gown – Iona Gown by Amanda Garrett Via The Barefaced Bridal

Photography – Ainslee Burke Photography

img_1201 img_1219 img_1231 img_1453 img_1518img_1474
img_1519 img_1537 img_1547 img_1552 img_1553img_1694img_1562 img_1684img_1726 img_1873 img_1892 img_1899 img_1917 img_1933 img_2028 img_2108 img_2114
img_2127img_2115 img_2166 img_2179 img_2198 img_2206 img_2224 img_2276 img_2289 img_2310 img_2311 img_2361 img_2405 img_2399img_2454 img_2486 img_2514img_2495img_2667img_2831 img_2611 img_2835 img_2876img_2669img_2906 img_2931img_2972 img_2921img_3015 img_2959img_3056 img_3096 img_3057 img_3082 img_3152 img_3169 img_3144img_3201 img_3212 img_3207img_3233 img_3272 img_3241 img_3317 img_3351 img_3333 img_3396 img_3412



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  • Nicola

    on September 11, 2016  9:12 am

    Thank you so much Ainslee! The photos look amazing and we couldn't be happier! It was so much fun having you around, you couldn't have been easier to work with and you made it super easy for us to feel comfortable :)