Its not everyday that you get to photograph an incredibly spectacular private venue, one you have been dying to photograph for years. Once I got the enquiry through to photograph this secret and intimate elopement, I was so bloody excited! Now I told myself last year after working on my birthday, that I wouldn’t ever work on my birthday again for obvious reasons but when I got chatting to Soph & Dave I knew that I had to make an exception.

These two along with 8 of their immediate family members spent a long weekend at the architecturally eye-pleasing Dovecote on the Headland of Gerringong on our beautiful South Coast in New South Wales, Australia.

Married by a close friend and bearing rings delivered by their “Best Dog” Cali (Named after their beloved spot California, where they spent many months travelling around and creating new friendships) these two said I do on a windy February weekend.

The afternoon was full of tears, belly laughs and many precious moments. Family flew from all over Australia to be there and that I think is something truly so special. It’s the weddings like these that truly make me grateful for what we do. Being welcomed with open arms by not only our couple but their loving families and not just as the hired photographers.

02/02/2020 will always have a special place in my heart and so will this gorgeous family.