Ever think about all the things you could change about your wedding? 
Or are you planning your wedding and worried you have no idea how much is involved? 
Truth is weddings can be full on and if you don’t put too much thought into it, it can go pear shaped pretty quickly. I have put together this wedding tips blog with a list of wedding regrets that could potentially help all you lovers out there with organising your own wed-fest. So here goes….

#1 – Not hiring Professionals

I put this as number 1 as it is the regret I hear way too often. Look we totally understand how crazy expensive weddings can get even for the most intimate of affairs but seriously, do yourself a favour and hire some professionals. Main ones being Photographer/Videographer (because really a part from your marriage what else is left after the wedding is over? Prioritise your memories guys!), Celebrant/Officiant (because its pretty bad when the bride and groom are bored at their own ceremony) and Hair & makeup artists (you want someone who gets you looking and feeling beautiful AF!)

Again just prioritise lovers, its one day, you only have one go at it – make it a bloody good one!!

#2 – Picking the wrong people to be in your bridal party

Now honestly, this one I hear on the regular, “if I could do it all again, I would choose different people to be in my bridal party”. Truth is weddings can bring out the most inner diva of the best of us. There is so much that could go wrong when not selecting your bridesmaids and groomsmen carefully. From being unhelpful to being totally self centred and all about themselves, its sometimes worth having a chat to the potential bridal party to give them the low-down on what taking on such a role entails. 
Being in the bridal party is so much more than just a title, it involves helping the couple out on their special day (when needed), sometimes chipping into their own money to pay for things (such as a dress or suit, makeup and hair) and being a supportive rock for the couple since wedding planning can be super stressful. 

Couples have to remember that these people will be front and centre in most of their wedding photos, if they don’t see them in their foreseeable future best to steer clear of asking them to be in their wedding tribe. 
Others have found that its all too hard and are worried about offending someone, that they have ditched the bridal party and just enjoyed their partners company instead.

#3 – Inviting unwanted guests

Weddings truly do unveil a sense of entitlement. As soon as a couple announces they are getting married the natural reaction for most is to ask if they will be invited. 
I can only imagine how much pressure it would be to invite everyone who feels like they should be there, but aren’t necessarily wanted there. This is another huge regret couples have expressed! Some get pressured into inviting friends of family members, some they have never even met!! Like how crazy is that?! The most intimate and significant day of their relationship and they have to invite Uncle Bob’s best mate who they have never met because they are worried it might upset them. 

My advice is to pre-warn family and friends that you have a strict guest list and if they aren’t on it, that they refrain from asking to come. It’s one day, don’t let others make you feel uncomfortable at your own wedding!

#4 – Allowing others to have a say in your wedding

Ok ok, I know its always cool to have another perspective but sometimes other’s opinions can truly impact how you feel and really dictate how you plan your wedding. Too many conflicting opinions can leave couples feeling overwhelmed, stressed out and unsure about how they want their special day to be. For instance just because someone tells you this is how they did things for their wedding and puts down ideas you may have, doesn’t mean your ideas are complete crap! The thing is others tend to forget the wedding is about you and you lover, not them. Go with your gut, if you love it, do it. Don’t let others discourage you! Do you Boo!!

#5 – Underestimating how much work DIYing is

I am all for getting creative and saving some money but sometimes the intention of doing everything by yourself blows out of proportion because realistic expectations and limitations haven’t been set. Be clear on what things you will do yourself and identify which areas you may need help with whether it be from a friend or a professional. It is a lot of added pressure in the days before and on the wedding day. Preparation is key!
Also a reminder that doing it yourself doesn’t always mean its going to be cheaper than hiring a professional! 

#6 – Not having a plan B

So we all know that one of the only things we cannot control at weddings is the weather. Instead of stressing out about the possibility of torrential rain (yes it has happened in the past) be prepared! Seek venues with both outdoor and wet weather options, that way if the dreaded R word turns up, it doesn’t put a dampener on your day (haha! See what i did there?!)

#7 – Skipping the engagement photo session

As many of you are aware, not everyone is super comfortable being photographed. For some it brings sheer fear and anxiety, two feelings you definitely don’t want on your special day! Many wished they simply had of practised beforehand with the engagement session. Not only would it have gotten them used to being in front of the camera, it also would have gotten them used to their photographer. Lets face it, us photographers are with you pretty much the whole day. Get to know your photographer on a personal level not just as a hired professional, it will make the day so much more fun!

#8 – Not eating and drinking too much

For the love of pizza, just remember to bloody eat! Its something we do every day but something thats so easily forgotten amongst all the wedding day happenings. Couples spend all this time carefully selecting the food that will be served at their wedding and making sure their guests are well fed that they often forget to look after themselves. Its so simple to fall into the trap of skipping breakfast & lunch have a few bevvies and be totally sh*t-faced by the time speeches roll around. Do yourself a favour and enjoy the day by not getting plastered and wake up the next morning without parts of the night missing from you memory.

#9 – Not allocating enough time

A regret so often expressed but not enough realise until its too late. It is so important to allow more than enough time for each portion of the day. Reason being because weddings tend to always run late, no matter how much of an “early person” you are, it is more than likely something that will pop up last minute, will hold you back from running on time. Whether it be forgetting the rings (yes this has also happened to one of my couples), a wardrobe malfunction or an important guest who hasn’t turned up yet. Allowing more time will allow you to be relaxed and just enjoy the day for what it is.

#10 – Spending time hosting rather than enjoying

I have spoken to a few couples lately who just said how quickly the day went and how they wished they had of spent it enjoying it with each other rather than playing host to all their guests. Remember the real reason for a wedding, to celebrate the love between two people, not just hosting a massive party for guests to enjoy. Slow down, take it all in, eat some food, enjoy the party and reminisce on what a bloody awesome day it was once its all over.

– The best kind of wedding is one with no regrets!