Little Zila turns 1!! So grateful to be there from there very beginning, photographing these special memories for their little family I grew up with mum Amanda and am so thankful to have been asked to document her maternity photos, family photos once Zila was born and now her first birthday. Moments i will never forget, i absolutely love watching families grow over the years and cant wait to keep documenting more milestones for this gorgeous little fam. 

Zila’s first birthday was epic! Amanda put in so much effort and time to make this party such a special celebration for all of their family and friends. Even though Zila wont remember it, Im so glad she will be able to look back on the photos when she is older. Nestled in the trees in of the Blackbutt Forest on the South Coast of New South Wales, their little fairy party was all set up ready for her fairy friends to arrive!

Check out this little poem/rap written by Zila’s mum, my friend Amanda

“Today my daughter is turning ONE,
celebrating her first lap around the sun.
The magical moment you entered our lives, 
I’ve never felt so much joy inside. 
Let’s laugh, play and explore,
seeing you smile I adore.
Every day is something new,
I couldn’t be more proud of you.
Being your mum is the best thing yet,
and I’ll continue to say that so you don’t forget.
Green eyes, blonde hair and a daddy’s girl,
I love you more then anything in the whole wide world.
I call you my mini wildflower,
living our dreams till the daylight hour. 
Wearing a crown, tutu and wings,
we are excited to learn what turning one brings”